Moving with Mangrum Commercial

From L to R: Maksym Sulkov, Collin Mangrum, David Freeze

After being in one building for sixteen years, we moved.

After being in one place for so long, this had the potential to be staggeringly overwhelming.

In order to make this less overwhelming, we formed relationships with those who know things that we don’t know. Generally speaking, to be successful in business, it’s a best practice to surround yourself (and partner with) those who know what you don’t know.

Our move was definitely NOT a linear event! There were a few twists and turns, and I want to share with you how we survived this.

In February 2017, I got an email from Collin Mangrum. He’d been in our old building meeting with another client, took note of our company, and reached out to me. I didn’t know him, but his very succinct email caught my attention. Our lease was coming up for renewal 31 months later, on September 30, 2019. It was NOT on my radar screen at all in early 2017. However, I responded to Collin that I’d like to have a chat with him.

Looking back, it was one of the best decisions ever.

Collin reached out and simply began a conversation about what a renewal or a move might look like. Even though the event was three and a half years away! As the owner of Mangrum Commercial, a firm which represents tenants’ interest in office and retail spaces, he knows the value of creating and fostering relationships.

I was impressed with his knowledge, honesty, and attentiveness to our needs. He was NOT trying to sell me anything. At that point, there was nothing to sell! Over the next year or so, we kept in touch, had lunch a couple of times, and really just forged a relationship. And I learned from him.

As our lease renewal grew closer, Collin began to keep me informed about timelines and tasks, deftly highlighting decisions that had to be made.

From the outset, we assumed we’d renew on some terms and remain where we were. Nevertheless, Collin kept the potential of moving always in our minds. Ultimately, a move was the answer—for many reasons. With Collin’s help, we arrived at this decision.

Collin spent literally hours getting to know us, learning about our firm culture, and exploring what we saw as the future of our firm. As we began to look at potential new spaces, he kept this knowledge about us at the forefront of his consideration.

Finally, he found the perfect place for us.

We could not have taken the next steps without him, from the negotiation for an acceptable lease rate to the negotiation for plenty of tenant build-out dollars. He even helped with the nuances of the contract. Collin was super-attentive to every detail!

Collin saw us through the date of move in. In fact, close to the move in, a question came up, and there was a slight moment of panic—I texted Collin, who was on his honeymoon in France, and he answered!

My recommendation: If you lease space, form a relationship with an expert in the industry. Do it now! Don’t wait until renewal time.

Of course, I highly recommend Collin Mangrum with Mangrum Commercial. In forging professional relationships, you want to surround yourself with over and above partners like Collin Mangrum. He went above and beyond for us. 

From the desk of David Freeze, CPA/PFS.